Lessons & Fees

I teach private lessons for Guitar in many styles, as well as Song Writing & Recording. I also incorporate Music Theory into lessons. This give students the understanding of how music works and allows them to be able to express themselves musically. It’s amazing to see what happens when knowledge meets creativity! Find out about Locations and Hours of Operation. Lesson Rates are below.

Lesson Length & Frequency The most common lesson length for beginners is 30 minutes once per week. For students who are quite young I recommend _MG_599730 minute lessons, at least until attention span can be assessed. Students wishing to have longer lessons can have 45 or 60 minute lessons. Longer or more frequent lessons may be a good option for any student who has a lot of time to practice in between lessons and wishes to progress more quickly. Longer lessons are beneficial as well for students who have reached a level where they require more time to really focus on more challenging skills, techniques and music.

Lesson Prices (Current until August 31, 2019)

  • $25.00 = 30 minutes
  • $37.50 = 45 minutes
  • $50.00 = 60 minutes

Be sure to find out if you qualify for the Children’s Arts Tax Credit by clicking on the link!