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I teach private lessons for Guitar in many styles, as well as Bass Guitar and Ukulele. I also incorporate Music Theory into lessons. Theory offers you better understanding of how music works and allows you to better express yourself musically. It’s amazing to see what happens when knowledge meets creativity! Click here to learn about my Location & Hours of operation.

Lesson Length & Frequency: Most commonly, lessons are 30 minutes once per week. Age, attention span and previous experience, as examples, can play a role in choosing your ideal lesson length. If you are unsure, I recommend trying 30 minute lessons first. You can always change them if you feel you want more lesson time. 45 and 60 minute lessons are available on request. Longer or more frequent lessons may be a good option if you have a lot of time to practice and wish to progress more quickly. Once you have reached a higher level, more class time can allow you to focus on and develop more challenging skills, techniques as well as dive into more complex music.


Prices current until August 31, 2022
30 minutes = $25.00
45 minutes = $37.50
60 minutes = $50.00


My policies are simple and straight forward. You can look at them here.

Lesson Calendar

You can view and/or download my 2020-21 lesson calendar here.

Jensen School of Music 2020-21 Calendar