What to Bring to Lessons

I do not sell musical instruments, books or related products, but I am happy to help you to acquire the necessary items to be ready for your lessons. Below is a general list to get you started. If you have any further questions, or would like my advice or opinions on guitars, accessories or anything else, please contact me.

Instrument – All students must bring their own instrument to lessons. It is mandatory for all students to have their own instrument in order to regularly practice lesson materials at home.

Books and/or Lesson Materials – During your first lesson we will discuss your goals and the style(s) of music you wish to learn. Depending on what your musical learning goals are you may be required to purchase a book to learn from. In this case I will give you all the necessary information about the book and where you can purchase it. You will not be charged for my own personal lesson material handouts.

3-Ring Binder – Wait until you have discussed your lesson plans with your instructor to find out if this item will be necessary. If your lessons will consist of receiving lesson materials in the form of loose pages and hand-outs then you will need a 3-ring binder. I discourage the use of duo-tangs because part of the pages are hidden by the binding and they don’t lay flat on the music stand. 3-ring binders allow a full view of every page as well as better potential for keeping lessons properly organized.

Supplies - Guitar students are recommended to keep an extra full set of strings in their guitar case. Strings are not expensive and are very helpful to have on hand in the event that a string may break during or prior to a lesson. I can change a string for you if necessary and even instruct you on how to change your own guitar strings (a handy skill to have!). I will provide you with a sheet of recommended supplies to help you be prepared.

Music Recording(s) – In the case of any lessons where a student has requested to learn a specific song he/she is expected to produce a good quality recording of the song as a reference tool for me, the instructor. This may not always be necessary if it is confirmed, in advance,  that I already have a recording of the song. Students must have recordings of songs they are learning to use as a reference tool. This is a great help in the development of your musical ear.