Tips for Home Study

Regular playing at home is highly recommended as well as necessary. It will help you get the most out of your lessons and develop a solid foundation where you can progress and attain skills more quickly. Download my free playing tips sheet to read about setting up a practice area and many other helpful ideas. Below, you will find a list of equipment that you will find useful in making your home practice sessions easier, more convenient and more enjoyable!

Music Stand – It is a good idea to have some kind of proper music stand to hold your music at the correct height for reading. Folding music stands are both inexpensive and portable and can be acquired at any local music store.

Metronome – This is a mechanical or electronic device that creates a constant and steady sound. It is used by music students to assist in developing an accurate sense of timing and meter (the ability to keep a steady, constant beat throughout a piece of music).

Tuner РAn electronic tuner is a very helpful device that assists you in keeping your guitar properly in tune. Check the tuning of your guitar every day before you start playing. It is very important to play with a correctly tuned guitar in order to properly develop your ear.

Foot Stool- It is often difficult to find a chair that is the perfect height to promote proper guitar posture. A foot stool is a handy companion for any guitarist and allows you to adjust the position of your guitar for optimum playability.
65″ LCD TV – I’m only kidding about this one… sorry to get your hopes up. It’s nice to know you read the whole list though!