Setting Up A Practice Space

Good practice habits  are necessary to get the most out of your lessons and experience real progress. Therefore, regular playing at home is highly recommended.  In doing so, you will develop a solid foundation from which you can attain and master skills.

Read my playing tips sheet to learn about setting up a practice area and many other helpful ideas.

Below, is a list of equipment that you will find useful in making your home practice easier, more convenient and more enjoyable!

Music Stand   This will hold your music at the correct height for reading. Folding music stands are inexpensive, portable and can be purchased at any local music store.

Metronome   Timing is a crucial part of playing music. A metronome is a mechanical or electronic device that creates a constant and steady sound. It is used by music students and musicians alike to develop and fine tune an accurate sense of timing and meter. You can also download one onto your phone or tablet and some of them are even free.

Tuner   It is very important to regularly play with a correctly tuned instrument. You can purchase an electronic tuner download many free tuner apps to your cell phone or tablet. For anyone playing with other musicians, a headstock tuner is very helpful as it picks up vibrations to read the strings instead of picking up outside noises. Be sure to Check the tuning of your guitar every day before you start playing.

Guitar Picks   This, of course, only applies if you are playing a style(s) of  guitar, bass guitar or ukulele that requires a pick. Guitar pick are like the “pen of the music world – they get misplaced all the time. It’s a good idea to have a few in your practice space so that you’re never stuck without one. The nice thing is, they are the least costly of all music accessories and are often sold in bags of 6 or 12.

Strings   If you are taking lesson from me, then you are playing an instrument with strings. Be sure to have an extra set handy in case a string breaks. Strings are reasonably priced and it’s much more convenient to already have an extra set than to have to stop practicing or drive to a music store in the middle of a practice session.

Foot Stool   It can sometimes be difficult to find a chair that is just the right height to promote proper guitar posture. A foot stool allows you to elevate your foot, improving the position of your guitar. You could even build a simple one from a couple of short pieces of 2×4 wood.

Books and/or Pages   Be sure to always have any books or pages being used to practice. You will eventually be able to memorize songs but you need to refer to your music regularly in order to memorize it accurately.

65″ Flat Screen TV   I’m only kidding about this one… sorry to get your hopes up, but it’s nice to know you read the whole list!