My sincere thanks to both my current and former students for writing about their lesson experiences. More will be added as they arrive!
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Deanna Bulycz
Derek is a wonderful teacher! Very kind, patient and understanding. My daughter is 11 years old and is taking guitar lessons with Derek. I am amazed how far she has advanced in her learning. I totally recommend  Derek and Jensen School of Music.

It is fun having lessons on Wednesdays with Derek!

Derek has shown me lots of neat techniques on the guitar. He is a great teacher and has shown me what the guitar is all about. If you are thinking of looking for a place to learn, this is a great place because it is fun, exciting and you will learn a lot.

Jensen School of Music is an amazing place to learn how to play guitar. I started taking guitar lessons from Derek Jensen because my brother did and he absolutely loved it! I started taking lessons from Derek about 3 years ago and I’ve learned how to play many songs and have learned many different tips and tricks on my guitar. I would recommend Derek Jensen and Jensen School of Music to anyone who feels the need create music.

The Jensen School of Music is the best place to learn guitar. Derek teaches everything you want to know about playing the guitar and does it with patience and a smile. I have learned tons of songs that I wanted to play and tons of technique to go along with it. I started taking lessons 5 years ago and to this day guitar lessons are the thing I look forward to the most every week.