Summer Lessons

Summer offers many people more free time. Some choose to take advantage of this to continue or even increase their guitar playing and studies. For this reason, I also teaching through July and August.

Dedicating some of your extra summer hours to continue learning allows you to keep building on your guitar playing abilities. It also helps you avoid the period of “reviewing” and “getting back into playing” that happens after you take a couple of months off. I have something for every schedule and do what I can to help you keep playing and improving! Some helpful features of summer lessons are:

  • Flexible Schedule – morning, afternoon and evening times available something for any schedule. If needed, you can also move your day/time around to fit even the trickiest of schedules.
  • Referrals – Invite a friend to sign up for summer lessons and try something new. If they do, you’ll receive one of your future lessons FREE… A new experience for them and savings for you!

Would you like to start your journey, or even just ask a question or two? Send me an email through my Contact page.