Summer Lessons

Summer offers many students extra free time to be able to play guitar more. Because of this I continue to teach lessons in July and August. I have had many students really enjoy their summer lessons. Dedicating some of their extra summer hours to keep learning has allowed them  to continue increasing their guitar playing abilities. Taking lessons through the summer also lets you avoid the reviewing and “getting back into playing” that often happens when a student has a couple of months off from playing. I do my best to offer alternate lesson times to accommodate changes in schedules and routines. One way I do this is by offering morning lessons. Some appreciate this because it allows you  to have your lesson and then go off and enjoy the day in the sun… no need to watch the clock and be back in time for an afternoon lesson. Who knows, you may even take your guitar with you to show your friends what you have just learned!

Here’s how summer lessons work:

  • Receive my SUMMER DISCOUNT one of the following ways! This is a 10% discount off the total lesson fees for the summer. It’s my way of saying thanks! here’s how you can become eligible:
    1. Sign up for a lesson every week of both July & August
    2. Sign up for the equivalent number of lessons to a full summer, even if you aren’t doing one every week
    3. Referrals: Have a friend sign up for lessons for the summer. You can even do the lessons back-to-back and make it fun that way!
  • Morning times can be arranged, plus afternoon and evening times are still available.
  • For those who simply aren’t around to do weekly lessons, you can schedule as many or few lessons as you wish. Work around your holidays and still continue to improve your skills rather than forgetting or letting your playing get rusty!
  • My super easy Summer Lesson Sign-Up Form makes it simple for you to pick and choose your own summer lesson schedule! It will be available at my teaching location and as a download on my website starting May 15.
  • Lesson policies still apply through July and August.