Gift Certificates

Want a great gift idea for a musician or future musician you know? Give them a Jensen School of Music Gift Certificate. A musical education truly is a gift that keeps on giving. It can provide someone with a lifetime of enjoyment and is a wonderful idea for anyone who has ever wanted to play.

They look nice too! (Actual size 4″ x 6″)

Gift certificates are based on my current lesson price of $25.00 per 30-minutes. You choose the number of lessons you want to give. 30 minutes is the smallest certificate available and you can increase them by as little as 15 minute increments (45, 60, 75, etc.). The person receiving them has the flexibility to choose lesson lengths (example: a 60 minute gift certificate could be used for two 30 minute lessons or one hour lesson).

To purchase a gift certificate please email me from my Contact page or phone/text me at 604-839-9813.