Frequently Asked Questions

My policies are quite standard as far as music lessons go. They are designed with the best interest of both students and teacher in mind. Be sure to familiarize yourself with them. A complete copy of these policies is also on the Registration Form which you can download and print through the”Registration” heading. If you have questions about my lesson policies I will be happy to answer them for you.

How do I pay for my lessons?

  • Payment can be done by cheque, e-Transfer or cash (I am happy to provide receipts for cash payments
  • Fees are due, in full, before the first calendar day of each month
  • Cheques must be dated for the last calendar day of the previous month
  • Please make cheques payable to Derek Jensen
  • Payment for first month (or remaining portion of) is due at your first lesson

What if I have to miss a lesson?

  • Please contact me by phone or text if you will be missing a lesson.
  • Lessons missed due to illness or emergencies will be re-scheduled so please stay home if you are sick.
  • In the event of an emergency, you may not be able to contact me right away. In such a case please contact me when you are able to and I will be happy to arrange a re-schedule.
  • Missed lessons will not be subtracted from lesson fees.
  • If a student simply does not show up for a lesson, the lesson will not be made up.
  • The following are reasons that a student must stay home from a lesson(s):
    • Head lice, Strep throat, Mono, Sore throat, Flu, Bed bugs, or anything else that can be passed from one person to another. Students showing up for lessons with any of the above, or other serious conditions, will be sent home immediately and will not receive a re-schedule. Please understand, I have this policy in place for the well being of my other students and families, myself and anyone else who uses the building.

What if my instructor has to miss a lesson?

  • If your instructor must miss a lesson, you will be given as much notice as possible, and your lesson will always be re-scheduled.
  • No fee adjustments or refunds will be made.

Can I take lessons in the Summer months?
Yes! Lessons are available throughout July and August and I encourage students, who are able,  to continue their musical progress through the summer months. I offer lesson flexibility during these months to accommodate your summer holidays. For more details see “Summer Lessons” under the “Lesson Info” heading.

What do I do when I will no longer be taking lessons?

  • Written notice must be submitted to the instructor before the beginning of the last month of lessons. This can be by text or email. Note: I will supply my students with my personal/business email once you have registered for lessons.